Friday, February 5, 2010

wine + friday = happy happy stompy

Well it is the day on which you can be free like some kind of thing that is free a lot, like free chicken, yes like some kind of illusion Michael. 

Mr Stompface likes sport a little tooo much it is not exciting of any kind, except when it is, but it isnt.  He is cooking up some delicious treats, it may even be dinosaur.  He is george of the jungle after all, as it is "doppelganger week" and he looks mighty a lot like Brendan Fraser.

I have no clothes to wear. NOOOO CLOTHES! So am avoiding going out of the house, even though there are many interesting things to see.   Someone who has lots of nice clothes should give me all their clothes. That would be a pleasant occurance.

It is good to ramble on Mr Internet, when too much wine has been consumed, and stomphead is being left out from all the talk of sporty mc sport sport.

I want a new hat, possibly a top hat.  If I had a top hat I would store all my rabbits in it.

Rabbits are tricky things to store if you do not have a good place for rabbit storage.

the end

image from I do not know where, but it looks much like she is stomping, and I enjoy a good stomp, so that is good.


  1. Haha you make me laugh :) love this photo.
    Have an awesome weekend fellow AUSter :) xx

  2. you are totally mad. but in a good way. i only found your blog yesterday but will be tuning in from now on...

    p.s. i am married to a sports presenter- there is an art to making your eyes look focused while you are really in a field of dripping black lilies riding a unicorn wearing a space suit (me, not the unicorn) and as long as you say "mmm, i like their chances this season" or "i agree, what was the ref thinking?" at regular intervals everyone is happy...

  3. ohhh funny lady! Fridays are great. Have a stomping weekend miss

  4. Lol top hats are awesome, you should def get one. Love the shoes in the pic, and i think Zippora is an adorable name for a kitten! xx



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