Sunday, February 7, 2010

This is Barry.............

This is Barry, he is a golden pony that lives on a new belt I purchased at Lala Orange. His favourite colour is sparkles, and his favourite flavour of icecream is neopolitan. He also enjoys Russian hats, finger painting and climbing trees.

As soon as Mr Camera gets back from hospital, OR I when I purchase a new camera, I will outfit post him, and all will be merry.

also featuring lacy sportsgirl dress and lula magazine


  1. ooooo looking forward to seeing the merry outfit post! horse is awesome!

    xx love bel

  2. what pretty horses! lol i love jewellery!

  3. Ohhh i need one too. Did they have in silver sweet?

  4. Wow how lovely!!!

    He really is gorgeous, I can't wait to see how you pair him with your clothes, should be amazing :)



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