Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy as some kind of important bee that is very busy doing lots of very important things relating to honey and hives and what not........

Super busy these days, planny planning for engagement party times on the weekend! Super excite!  It is good to say super as many times as possible in a sentence.  Then the whole world will be super happy and super rejoice a super lot.  

On other news, Mr Camera will be picked up from the camera hospital today.  But due to their AWESOME customer service, and cryptic message I don't even actually know if he has been fixed or not, or if they just fixed him without consulting me and are now going to try to charge me a million dollars! Not cool camera hospital NOT COOL!

But if he is alive and well, I am going to take photos pretty much non stop until I have made up for the time wtihout him... I just have to take pictures, of something ANYTHING!  But most importantly I can show you kids my ring, which I have been dying to share, it is filled with MANY magical powers.

But yes the moral of the story is there will be much amazing updates into stompsville with the return of my long lost broken friend.....

image via we heart it


  1. All the very best of luck and fun wishes for your weekend sweet. Hope the weather turns out nice for you, not this stickyness. Yay to camera-mending

  2. Your engagement party? If so have the most fabulous time - it is an exciting day! :)

    P.S. Added your link too :)

  3. Oh I love engagement parties! The perfect occasion to just have fun with all smiles. Hope you have a fabulous time but knowing you definitely will (:

  4. how exciting!! love that quote!



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