Monday, February 1, 2010

bicycle = happy happy...................

got myself a rad new bike the other day, it is good for riding to places, and feeling cool on. one day I will take a picture and then you can use your eyes to look at it. won't that be pleasant. it is blue, and hasn't got a basket yet, but when it does it will be a happy day. it has not got a name, any suggestions? I was thinking Wheels, but after Wheels from Degrassi..............

images via unknown


  1. oh stompy friend i am so happy you have a new bicycle friend. i love my bicycle so much and must go for an adventure with mine soon. we have been waiting on some blue skies and a ride to the beach but i may just go for a ride in the rain because its been too long. those photos are so lovely. can't wait to meet yours.
    peace & love!

  2. I haven't had a bike in ages, my first one was sort of like the one in the middle but more yellowy haha. I wish I had one now!


  3. :) summer!! i want to be able to bike around in a bikini and shorts

  4. pretty pretty pics! can't wait for summer - then i will reunite with my bicycle:)

  5. I've been dreaming about getting a bike lately too! I probably should pool some funds before the summer is over... but hasnt perth been crazy hot lately!!! No rain for 74 days or something like that.... Sadface.
    I think you should call your bike Ginger. Ginger the bike. Its funny because the bike is blue...
    Anyway, wishing we lived in the same city so we could have a wino session and go see Alice and all its wonderment in 3D. So great!

  6. did you happen to get the big w one? I went and had a looksee and I liked!


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