Thursday, February 4, 2010

Picnics are the best kind.........

images via we heart it


  1. Your blog is so pretty, I love it. Wanting a picninc now!.x

  2. Planning a secret one for my mr for valentines day. Should be super dooper

  3. I always have picnics in the summer.I hate winter, i want it to be summer:)

  4. I went looking for a picnic basket a couple of weeks ago when my friends and I went to see the Wind In The Willows play in the Botannical Gardens... None were satisfactory and I was sadly left with coles bags... :(

  5. I would have written something witty or about windmills and sailing, but I am a trifle tad pathetic at that sort of thing so I hear, so I figure lets just be kind to good old stompy instead.

    I very much enjoyed this post, like all the rest of yours. I also like how you post in large bulk numbers, so I have a lot more things to look at than just one quick post. This is really enjoy.
    I enjoy lots of things. Like picnics. And Teddies. And Boys. And Baskets. And Tea. And You <3

    read my blog when you can, dear!



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