Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sportsgirl Hearts!

I've been tagged by Sportsgirl,  Harlequins Party and Tinned Peaches and Cream..... I've been super lazy as per usual and have been procrastinating on this one......

• What are you wearing right now?

I just rolled out of bed, so am rocking a blue and white stripey nighty...but pretty much as soon as I get home everyday I get my pjs on ASAP! Pjs make the world go round.

• What tracks are essential on your summer play list?

1901 - Phoenix, Better Things - Passion Pit, 16th & Valencia Roxy Music - Devendra Banhart, Duck People Duck Man - Megapuss, The Summer - Coconut Records, Poor Harold - White Magic, Leaf House - Animal Collective, Hurricanes - Au Revoir Simone....and millions more!

I love music so much it hurts sometimes....

• What is your fave piece of clothing from the Sportsgirl summer collections?

Loving the Rennie Boots from Sportsgirl at the moment, so hard that it is almost ridiculous.  I bought them yesterday, and was literally shaking with excitement.  I am going to wear them for my engagement party next weekend.  I told the lady at Sportsgirl that, and how there was going to be an announcement at the engagement, and I would say, I'm sorry everyone, I'm no longer marrying my fiancee... I'm marrying these boots....

oh delicious boots....

• Describe your perfect summer…

Frolicking about in whimsical summer dresses, riding bicycles, running around in circles, lounge room dance parties, wine tea parties, swimmy swim swimming....... weeeeeee summer.

I've posted this picture before, but it represents summer so perfectly..........


  1. Great post! I really need to go swimming right now, it's far too hot in Brisbane.

  2. ohh those boots are delicious. jealous!!! I want to go blow some money on lovelies....

  3. What a lovely tag this is!

    gosh. I miss summer soo badly. We are in a transition period between winter and spring now. I miss my light summer dress, icecream, beach, and the heat. :(

  4. I think you have great style and should be showcased in our Avenue Debut contest! You could win a chance at a $1000 Bloomingdale's shopping spree. Check our website for more details!


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