Saturday, February 6, 2010

Unicorn, just a corn, all alone in the field...........

images via we heart it


  1. thanks for coming into the shop today! Hope you love your horsey belt! yay!

  2. my unicorn actually has wings but i realize they are quite a rare breed which is probably why you could only find pictures of regular earth-bound ones.

    ps did you ever notice that all the my little ponies have stripper names?

  3. Oh, unicorns! Who doesn't simply adore unicorns?! (Well, if there is anyone, I need to have a little talk with them! :P) Right now it is snowing (around 59 centimeters of snow, so far, and supposed to snow for hours more), and I'm just imagining how lovely it would be to see unicorns bounding through the fresh fallen powder!

    Thanks for your comment, dear! And oh, you're creating a book too? I'm so excited! I will buy a copy (even if I have to beg for money! hehe) and treasure it forever! ♥


  4. lovely!! I waaaaant that necklace!

  5. oooh :) id love to have a shirt with a unicorn imprinted on it or something. unique:)


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