Tuesday, February 9, 2010

now for happy..............

okay sad sad, now for happy happy.........

List of things that make stompy happy....

1. In two weeks we are having our engagement party, it is going to be very amazing because I said so! I will buy new shoes and a new dress, and I will wear them.  And there will be fairy lights, and a daisy chain upon my head if all goes to plan...

2. We organised our celebrant, so that means we have the most important part of getting marriaged organised, so now we have to work out our ceremony and vows and it is very hard to think of something good and not cheesy, and did you know that you can actually release doves? what a whack journey?!

3. I"ve been a good blogger, just as my new years resolution, that is good, so hooray.  However I have some taggish things to complete, but will do tomorrow times.

4. I found a unicorn necklace, that makes me happy, I shall purchase it and make myself even happier too.

5. Barry the belt, he is the best pony/belt I have ever met. He sings me wonderful lullabies when I am feeling glum, no it is not in my head at all.  He is real REAL I tells ya!

6. Mr Stompface, seriously he is awesome, if you knew him you would bask in his awesomeness, he makes up the best jokes, like the time when there was thunder and he hid in the house so I could not find him and just yelled "It shrunk meee It shrunk meee!" as if the thunder had somehow shrunken him very small. 

7. Creativity, I have lots of wondeful plans to utilise my creativity much more, now to ditch my procrastination hat and get to it!  But if I ditch my procrastination hat, my head might get cold, so I better purchase some kind of creativity hat and then all will be right with the world.

9.  I am getting my hair done on Friday!  Yes by a hairdresser and No not by a lawnmower! What shall I do? Everyone votes for me to go much blonder? But shall I redo fringe, or continue to grow it out? Shall I shave it all off, shall I dye it all the colours of the rainbow? Should I grow a mane??  Shall I shave off my beard nail it to a frisbee and fling it over a rainbow?

10. I'm going to stop rambling now, that makes YOU happy! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee

images via we heart it


  1. fairy lights, a unicorn necklace, a talking pony belt and a shrinkable fiance man? i'd say life is def. good...

    p.s. i promise i'm not a stalker (although i am listening to creepy nick cave as i write this...) you just make me giggle

  2. your blog makes me happy! lovely photos, as always!

  3. these pictures are so beautiful!pure hapiness!

  4. Beautiful pics, I want balloons! Congrats on the engagement :)


  5. It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.............................................


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