Saturday, January 2, 2010

Invitation Land..............

The beginnings of the invitation to our engagement party.  The details will be written inside the ring... the ring is much like the one that has set up house on my ring finger.  It brought all its camping gear, a sleeping bag and at least 200 years supply of canned food, so I expect it will be living there for a while.

I'm getting Mr Camera fixed this week (fingers crossed, but crossed in such a way that camping gear does not fall to the ground and get lost).  So when he has recovered from his operation, I shall take a picture of the actual engagement ring, because I tell you, the sketch does not do its beauty/magicalness justice.  It was hard to get the shiny shiny and the colours right..or left.


  1. Seriously! So talented. I'm drooling over these invitations. Makes me want to have a gathering and have pretty invites

  2. Ohhhh how lovely!!!! You lucky girl, I can't imagine how excited you must be!!!
    The invitation design is soooo lovely and dreamy like I'm sure the party and your wedding shall be :)

  3. Looking so good thus far lady!
    That's the great thing about being even mildly creative - you get to do so much stuff yourself! And it's so you too!

    Can't wait to see the final invite.

  4. ahhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE THIS! so good honey damn your talent! can't waaait to see the ring!

    xx bel

  5. this is SO cool, beyond cool... you are a talented lil stompy!

  6. Thats beautiful sweetie I am ecstatic for you, you will be the most beautiful bride ever. xx

  7. why thankyou kindly Anonymous friend! :)

  8. Loving the invitation. They should really make earthy, tree-branchy rings like that one. So cool. Look forward to seeing the real one too :-)

  9. gosh i think it is so lovely what is happening to you!!! this looks great and i can't wait to see the rest!

    and thank you for your sweet new year wishes! your page is always so gorgeous to visit :)

  10. lovely lovely drawing! so much more beautiful than some naff generic invite



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