Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 2010 2010....................

I haven't blogged all year! Ho ho ho Ha ha ha, cue a million I haven't whatever since last year jokes! Endless entertainment....

2010 if you look at it alot it looks very strange..... 2010.  It is rather beautiful looking though, it is very even and straightlined or some such.

If you say it over and over again really loudly, everyone in the street will stare at you with admiration and not think that you are crazy at all.

Is it happy times for 2010?! I think so!

Party arty hearty marty mc fly last night, was rather fun timey, what did everyone get up to?

I'm going to go eat delicious treats now! Yay delicious treats are the best kind.

p.s. ask me some questions at the left, I will answer them like some kind of dragon like creature that is very good at answering things.

lacy top Sportsgirl, Kikki K 2010 diary, Love perfume from Bodyshop it smells rather nice and is rather kind to Mr Purse, bag from Forever New it is useful for putting things in....


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHH EVERY year I buy a Kiki K DIARY! brothers from another mother my friend.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

    xxxxx love bel

  2. I'm still walking around saying things like "First time I locked my door this year!" and "First time I got something out of the fridge this year!" It's quite fun.
    Gorgeous bag! Happy New Year :]

  3. Love kikki k.. and that bag!

  4. have a happy happy happy 2010, abby!
    nothing but the best

  5. I love this photo,so pretty:) The items are so cute:) Happy new year:)


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