Friday, January 29, 2010

Hooray Friday-ness! Friday-ness is the best kind of ness, except for.....

....the loch ness monster. which is the best kind of anything ever.

today adventures and beach times with giant ones will possibly occur, as well as giant bags filled with treats and a million x gum, well that did occur, just then, hooray for free showbags, but seriously there were like a million packets of gum in there. why so much gum? why why everyone knows gum should live on gum trees, and that koalas have the freshest breath around.

it has been incredibly hot here today, like some kind of thing that is very hot all of the time, perhaps like a hot plate, plates that are hot are good when you want to fry things on them. like eggs, or fairy floss.
the heat is making me delirious...and mr wine is calling calling, where are you lady of stompyness, you must drink me, you will not shrink or grow unusually large, I promise!

have fun times everyone, or else!

images via we heart it


  1. This heat is horrible! Brisbane is like one giant oven that I can't escape from :( I cheered myself up by buying a desk fan in the shape of a flower!

  2. OMG YES...I'm from Brisbane too and today was AWFUL!!! There really is no escape...I've been sitting here wishing on stars for an iceage...


  3. oh stompy i love your adventures and fun. you are the bestest spirit i know in this bloggity world. xo
    peace & love!


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