Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It is high time, we had some high tea!

tea parties tea parties tea parties, they are the best kind of ones to have when you enjoy drinking hot beverages out of tiny detailed cuppys. 

it is the law that whenever you attend a tea party at least one person in attendance must be wearing some kind of animal mask/head.  

if you all have your normal faces, something terrible will happen, like the tea will go very cold very quickly and all of your ears will fall off into the cups, and will go soggy and get mixed in with the bits of biscuit that fell in there first, and then you will get confused and will attach the wrong things with glue to the side of your head, and you will be forever nicknamed Soggy Biscuit Ears. 

"Hey! Soggy Biscuit Ears! Why are your ears so soggy and biscuity!!??" oh the humiliation. 

So the moral of the story is, turn yourself into a rabbit at the mere mention of this tea drink.

images via we heart it


  1. I have two of those pics pinned to my wall! So pretty!

  2. Love these photos... the animal masks add an edgy touch to the scene, though. I wish I were drinking tea in an enchanted forest, rather than my desk at the office ;)


  4. love the fox and racoon masks! i want some! and i want a tea party with you stompy. it would be magical.
    peace & love.

  5. Oh My!! You're blogging! Haven't checked for ages cos I thought you stopped...? Great photos. I'm so very happy you're still blogging.

  6. Also, just perused back a little way - CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement! Sorry if this is old news and I'm way behind. And one other thing: yes, Marie Antoinette is one of the greatest movies of all time. If you are ever in Paris, go to Laduree to eat up the scrumptious cakes and macaroons in the film. They are even better than they look!

  7. oh tea tea yum yum! love these pics too...such magic.

    and THANK YOU for your lovely got my back! haha. honestly those comments are more amusing than anything...until they start getting personal I'll keep letting anons comment but when it gets too much I'll say NO!. hope you are staying calm with all your wedding plans in the midst! super excitment! I am awaiting my formal invitation from Mr Bird in due course.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx bel

  8. The first photo is just so enchanting. I want to be there!


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