Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Delicious treats!

Oh Yen yen yen, how I love thee.  I was super excited to discover a new Yen at the shoppity shop today.  As I have not bought a magazine since.... the latest Russh? Which was a very long time ago, in the land that is Stompy, and if you don't already know, this land is made entirely out of magazines.   So I bought it whilst my friend was checkiting her lotto,  which if she had won, she would have bought me a million dresses to wear to my engagement party.  Because everybody knows you need at least a million outfit changes at such an event.

Alas she did not win, so I kicked her repeatedly and yelled loudly in the store that she was no longer my friend unless she built me an impressive tower made entirely out of dresses!  Then I realised she was my lift back to work, so I let her off the hook.....

Anyhoo, I was flicking through, and flipped right to this lovely editorial with the ever wonderful Zippora.  I must admit she is my favourite of all things that start with the letter Z, except perhaps my kitten, who was named after the above lady.

xoxo Stompy mc stomp head

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  1. Delicious! Images of Bruce Mcavaney are popping into my head... Zippora is incredible


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