Wednesday, January 27, 2010

need some sleep......

super exhausted from Australia day times, and then going to work all day the next day whilst super seedy times. sleep sleep sleep how I miss you, you are a wonderful creature Mr Sleep. you make dream times and pillows and happy happy things. hooray for beddy byes.

i've been so delirious today, that in fact when I went out the door to go to workies, and Mr Stompface was seeing me out the door, I turned and said "thanks for having me." as if I had just been visiting a friends house. and he said "well, you are NO longer a guest in my house, you must leave now" and pushed me out the door... it was nice.

the end

images via we heart it


  1. Hahaha glorious sleep dep talk. I tend to see random bunnies when ive been up to long myself. Hope you had a lovely day yesterday!

    Anduck- Word verification... Too funny.. reminds me of dude wheres my car... annnnd dennnnnn

  2. oh i could use some sleep now.. esp after looking these pictures..:)

  3. Ahaha "Thanks for having me" hehe
    I once said that in my sleep to my boyfriend apparently!
    I feel like that too!

  4. I read somewhere today that sleep is the ultimate addiction. So there you go, we all suffer. By the way, I passed on a little award your way...
    [ i don't care if you've got one already, this one is better! muhaha]


  5. being kicked out of your own house is kinda funny

  6. beautiful pics! i suddenly feel so sleepy.. :P

  7. hahaha. you're so hilarious. and great. and sweet.



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