Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years and the story of how it is new and year like......

Tomorrow, we shall investigate its new year likeness. But for now it is just the eve. Which is much like the name Steve, without the letters S and T.

Amongst my millions of new year resolutions, I shall blog much more regularly, I shall fix Mr Camera so I can outfit posty again, and your eyes can all bleed from happiness!

I will draw millions of pictures and paint myself all over with coral coloured nailpolish for no apparent reason. I will make boats out of alfoil and sail them for days on magical rivers.

I will update Mr Bird daily, because he really misses living life, and that is a sad sad thing.

I will run around in circles for hours upon hours every day.

I shall befriend a popsical named Mr PopsicleFace and hang out with him all summer time.  Until he is eaten alive.

I shall write a book about the importance of matching socks.

I shall do many many things and all in the world will rejoice with glee.


p.s: I formed some kind of spring like object, ask all the question's your hearts desire....
it is also on the left hand side of this page...

sketch from moleskine (unfinished)


  1. hello my little talented stompface!
    this picture is beeeeeaaaaauuutttiiifullll.
    seriously so much talent. is there anything you caaaaant do??
    haha .
    happy new year sweets. all the best!

  2. Super pretty sketch! Your resolution sounds tops. Especially like the running in circles! All the best for the new year sweet. Look forward to some outfit posts x

  3. Ah geeez you are going to be busy this year, least of all, wearing long hippyish dresses all the while (as will I).

    Thank you for reading my blog, it is a new aberration designed to keep me busy. Maybe one day it will grow into something stomp-worthy...

    I too reign from the place you call P-town. I've probably spillt alcohol all over you before at such delectable venues as Club Bayview or Amplifer... This town is way to small and besides, someone pushed me. I apologize now, in advance.


  4. You are so talented - this is a gorgeous illustration!
    Absolutely adore your blog - so pretty and inspiring - now following! :)



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