Sunday, November 30, 2008

Zipper: a popular device for temporarily joining two edges of fabric...

Oh look it is a shiny new dress, with a nice zipper. You all know how good friends with zippers I am. They are good at zipping really fast from one place to the other. I think that is why they call them zippers. This dress has a zipper, and it is by MinkPink, who recently used Zippora as a model, Zipper...Zippora.. COINCIDENCE??? I think not. Those clever cats at MinkPink!

Meanwhile, I ordered some glorious wares from Aboutagirl on Wednesday afternoon. I was very excited because I now own the Shannon dress, which you can see on the left hand side of this page, Zippora is inside it. Oh it is very beautiful.

So on Friday night I was going off on a wild adventure in cocktail land. I was madly searching through my wardrobe trying to find something exciting to wear. It was quite dramatic with clothes flying about everywhere. I could not find anything, so ended up throwing on my default outfit, an oversized cut up black tank, and cutoffs and giant heels. But I was not feeling very good about it.

We went out the front to be picked up by our chariot and decided to check the mail as the chariot was not there yet. So we opened up the magical letter box, and LO AND BEHOLD, there was a nice shiny package. Hooray I exclaimed! I then ran down the driveway arms flailing, frantically ripping open the package. I then threw on this beauty of a dress, and ran off into the sunset.

So the moral of the story is, Aboutagirl are extremely quick at delivering and saving my life.

Also, I am still behind in blogland, internet slower than some kind of really really slow creature. Perhaps a sloth. I do enjoy a good sloth every now and then. Tomorrow Mr Internet will be back, and we will hold hands and skip over a rainbow, and you won't be able to get rid of me.

dress MinkPink, mask homemade by Stompface


  1. Yay a new blog post from Stompy Stompface! I have yet to find a zipper dress, I have seen some but they are pretty lame compared to your super cool ones!
    I love the mask too :D

  2. i think i love it!

    and with the mask too

    and lovely to hear of more adventures from the land of stompface

  3. you are seriously babin' out in that photo, girl. as you blog, we are also on an adventure in cocktail land! imagine that!!

  4. Ack! It is simply divinity in motion! What a lovely fairy tale to send you off to the land of cocktails! =) Hope you had a grand old time!!

  5. Gosh, you are so hilarious. I always come to your blog when I'm in need of a humor boost! (or a fashion one, for that matter)

    Anywho, that dress is GORGEOUS on you! love it!


  6. the dress arrived just in time!

  7. Love the dress... zipper dresses are the best =)

  8. ...zipper is going to be BIG again...did you see Versace SS09 collection...heart shape zipper fab! Fashion is one round circle indeed!

  9. you are SO lucky with all these gorgeous dresses.

    ah. i love both of these.
    esp. the one on the left!
    perfect for a summer frolick.

    high five to zippers.


  10. Yah for MINKPINK love! Funny you should mention all things zip/zippora - I saw her at the MTV summer event on Thursday night!

    Looking lovely as always Miss - I honestly think you are incapable of looking bad......


  11. Well if its a zipper fetish you have my dear then get a load of this......that style is actually called the "Zippora" tunic.

    Sar (For Love Not Money..aka my sister) turned me on to your blog, and i have passed it on to the other MINKPINK crew. It's just so awesome to see someone rocking our designs the way we hope they will be!

    oh and thank you for the shoe love


  12. oh YES. i can never browse minkpink properly. nooffence to them but their website doesnt lay it all out of me. pretty yes, time consuming no. so a billion thanks for mntioning the site

  13. wow!
    thank goodness
    I love this dress too, cant wait to see you in the floral one

  14. Baby this is fantastic.

    And the mask is such a stellar touch... love love love it!

  15. I am in LOVE with this photo.

    in LOVE.

  16. gee I never knew about 'about a girl'!

    Now you showed me a new store. Ha.. i'm telling you when I do a local post that is for you lot. Do get out more. There's unwrapped and upmarket stuff happening as well. if you don't know what i'm saying just shoot me a mail. :)

  17. that dress is hawt!!! and love the mask photo :)

  18. Ugh, gorgeous! I really really need to do a zipper DIY, you always remind me of that, and then I forget the next day. I am really intrigued by this MinkPink, but I do not wanna have a look at their stuff in fear of a nervous breakdown and lots of begging my aussie friends to forward me some of their stuff. Ah heck, I think I might do that anyway.

  19. Just stumbled upon your glorious blog and behold, black dress with zipper. I love it


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