Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sweden Love

I want to go to Sweden...very very badly. Because everyone there seems very cool.

I also don't know why I keep looking at and falling in love with gorgeous winter clothes.. It is the first day of Summer in Stompface land.

pictures from Stockholm Street Style and Modefeber


  1. I'm afraid if I go they'll think I'm a dwarf.

  2. i agree...all the girls seem so cool & have amazing style!!!
    xoxo from las vegas

  3. What a gorgeous start to Summer, but you're right, Sweden is oh-so-cool! I crave weather cold enough to warrant fur jackets!

    P.S. Twitter is like the "What are you doing now?" section on Facebook. Just one liners on what you're doing at present =)

  4. Those northern folks are quite stunning aren't they!?

    You look like one of them actually!

  5. Swedish girls make me want to give up and stop trying because I will never be as cool and Swedish as they are. Although I do appreciate the winter looks as Tjejsajtenland is rather cold.
    xo L

  6. The girl with the mouse ears is beyond adorable and cool...

  7. love sweden, have lots of friend there, people there are so cooool! but i know for a fact that is very cold and all this styled people look like its 24 degrees.
    but man, sweeden is so styled!

  8. i live in sweden and i tell you, come and see, live it, be it and then leave because the wether kills everyones will to live

  9. Your blog's so cool!

    I love the fur coat in the middle (but I hope it's fake because I am vegan, so I love animals)

  10. well the Swedes have fashion in their genes or something...

  11. I agree with the Swedish girl above. I live in Sweden as well and the weather... well, you just can't stand the weather! The winter is far too long and the summer swirls by in a couple of weeks. But we do have some pretty amazing and well dressed people here, I have to admit.

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