Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pretty new treats....

Hooray Hooray!


I didn't know it was possible to fall in love with a book. But by George I think I have. So many stunning pictures, and fantastic interviews.

Also I checked out the new Harajuku Lovers Fragrances, and have fallen in love with those too, you were so right S. I picked myself up the Angel one, and it is glorious. It smells like twin pole icies, and a perfume I had when I was little, so it reminds me of being young and free again.

Oh how I wish I could shop forever! In the words of a Sandlot kid...FOR...EV...ER!


  1. Nice blazer. I see you wearing it in the collage. It suits you well.

  2. oh u lucky thing.
    i want that book.
    and i deff need a new perfume.

  3. i need influence! great bag and blazer by the way. Must go check out those harajuku fragrances even though i have no funds. Im obsessed with fragrances i have so many!

  4. what an awesome blazer baby!! I'm so glad you updated
    congrats on the perfume, too
    and the Ashley cover IS the best, good choice

  5. I got it too ...from le BF was cute because I wanted the MK cover and he thought the Ashley cover looked more like MK with the discheveled tied hair and bought that one...I thought that waas im happy with my Ashley cover
    and the shots are awesome..price wasnt bad either- for a hardcover!

  6. tell me about this blazer

    ***waits patiently****

  7. sooo jealous! i need that book! and your bag and blazer are too cute/

  8. I nearly bought influence yesterday at some Chain Book Store Thing, but then realized I have a gift certificate for the other Chain Bookstore Thing across the street. Then I got a call and forgot all about it and the Paris Vogue I couldn't justify spending 16 bucks on.

    It's that kind of thinking that never get me this book.

  9. Those fragrances are so cute! they smell like my friend happy..

  10. i love the blazer and purse. where have you bought the blazer?
    you blog is lovable!

  11. Okay, safe to say i've seen 2/4 of the things in your post: love the bag, sportsgirl and love the perfume (myer for me!) and i especially LOVE THE BLAZER! and i've been unsuccessfully looking for Influence for a long time now! :(


  12. I need to get myself that book! Have been so lazy.

    AND CUHRAZY to see someone else using Sandlot calls! I love it!


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