Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why end weekend? Why?

Today I had a sneaking suspicion that it was actually Saturday. But it was not. It hurt. My feelings. A lot. When I realised it was actually Sunday. How awful.

This is a very rushed thrown on outfit, on the way out for fun times at the houses that are new, with delicious butter chicken. Hooray!

How was your weekends? I hope they were filled with oversized jam donuts and millions of diamonds.

p.s. I also have a sneaking suspicion that I wear too much black and white. Also, how weird does the word suspicion, look, when you look at it for too long. I think it is not really a word, it is an alien.

sweater Sportsgirl, giant Man's shirt, bag Sportsgirl


  1. yes
    I have felt that horrible feeling
    with me it's "ahhh, tomorrow's Friday, the entire weekend's ahead..." to my evil boyfriend saying "'s Tuesday".
    Yeah it sucks.
    I think you wear enough color but I know what you mean, I too feel a lil boring lately

  2. Hahaha youre so funny. Yes I agree, didnt like finding out that today is sunday either. Whoever made the weekend so short?

  3. beautiful.

    i know this is super weird...

    but for me a new week always start on a sunday.
    therefore no monday blues.

    its a day where i get to re-cupperate so for me its a new start.

    nerd i know.

    YOU CAN never go wrong with B/W.


  4. baaaaaaah i hate sundays too but I LOVE Your outfit very effortless-chic!

  5. Not to brag or anything, but after the weekend is over I'll be leaving on a little get-away on Tuesday :)

    But if it makes you feel better, I have to work tonight.

  6. i love the long braid. i do that a lot. you look fantastic.

  7. dont you hate the "sunday syndrome"?? on the bright side.....I love you in black and white which means you get more hawwt as$ points in ma book

  8. You can never have too much black and white! Especially when you look as gorgeous as you do here!

    I love thsi look so much, the long tee is perfect, and i love it how you wore a sweater over the top. So beautiful!

    I hope your week is off to a good start! x

  9. Too much black and white is never enough! Coincidentally, I wore black and white today. Before I read this post. Spooky.
    Ah, if only my weekend had consisted of oversized jam donuts and millions of diamonds! I accidentally wrote jam as 'ham' and that is something I never want to imagine again - a ham donut! EEW!

  10. Great outfit !!!
    I love yout bag !!!
    so chic

  11. lovely as always!! black and white is always perfect!

  12. Genius to wear the mens shirt as a dress!! And loving the ensemble and post title, S!


  13. aahhahaha suspicion=alien. TOTALLY!

    the bag is amaaaazing. sportsgirl?!?!!? how much was that!

    i love your braid. perfect hairstyle for this outfit.


  14. I WISH my weekend had been filled with millions of diamonds! Alas. A girl can dream.
    You're looking as lovely as ever Mademoiselle Stompface :) Black and white are gorgeous colours on you.

  15. Love the look...The clutch is adorable!

  16. Black n white always blend cool outfit :o)

  17. not fan od the sunday as well, but combination black white is popular again. love how it looks on u, and love what u done with your hair. u look so innocent with hot tone.

  18. i hate the feeling..its super annoying! lovely pix have a nice day!

  19. I so get what you about "suspicion-alien" thing when you stare at it for too long! I feel that with the name, Jason. think about it.. it will sound weird after a while.
    haha. you look lovely, doll!

    I tagged you the You Rock Award because you totally rock! is that redundant? now how about redundant.. pretty alien-y too.

    I want my weekend back!

    ♥ R

    p.s. I apologize for the total wacko flow of thoughts in this comment

  20. haha. i had the same suspicion that it could be an alien. see it looks weird.. alien!

    i love the sportsgirl bag! saw it today and touched it but had to say no as my purse was screaming out in pain that i had drained it of all its life.

  21. Every good things could be eternal!
    Love your look.

  22. You're always so adorable... even when rushed, you've pulled together a gorgeous look!

    And that bag, I adore!!

  23. It's Wed already so I lost all the weekend buzz already. Been busy with burlesque and things. yeah living a high life so NOT. Anyway, good to see you in BW. I think that's the chicest combo anyway.

  24. the weekend is mean how it just ends

  25. I love this.
    I want to re-create this.

    You look amazingggg, love. :)



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