Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I heart sleepytime

Today in my mail box, was the glorious Christmas catalogue of Peter Alexander.

I think my inner (very girly) child, was very excited at the thought of this pretty nightie, that comes within A MUSIC BOX. I pretty much need this, to live, and to keep my inner child alive (and that is very important).


  1. Whenever I wear a nightie like that to sleep - it gets turned all the way around backwards and ends up strangling me in my sleep.

    I FAIL at cute/sexy nightwear.

  2. Hahaha I agree with May, when i wear one, I get tangled up in it and have a hard time climbing out of bed in it, so I basically just roll and fall to the floor. It is an art, to wear a nightie to sleep, and I just have no talent.

    Beautiful nightie though!

  3. girlie girl....

    dont like the model though.

  4. I got this catalogue too! :)
    I think the only thing that matched up to this beautiful delight was the astrological shirts! Very cute; oh and the half naked boys! haha


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