Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lawn Bowls Week 2


Was not a pretty sight. I looked all kinds of bad in all the pictures I had, including this silly one. But I am posting it here anyway, because I did Lawn Bowls Week 1, so IT MUST CONTINUE. Or the whole world will explode. And I don't know if that would be much fun, unless it would. Oh and I know how much you all must have been missing the Wall Of Glorious Beauty, the robot just won't stop being sad. Who will cheer him up? Perhaps a pretty lady robot....

Meanwhile, it was very summer time like that day, so just a simple summer dress occurred! HUZZAH!

I've been fairly absent in this blogging universe this week, because of a man named Dexter. I have been spending all my spare time watching this. I think I may be in love with him, actually I am pretty sure that last night I was trying to explain to people how I was in love with a fictional character serial killer. I'm sure they didn't think I was weird at all.

But today I am catching the magical tractor back to Blog Land, and your eyes can be burned again by the pain of gazing at my pictures for several hours. I know how much you all enjoy that.

If this doesn't make any sense or dollars, it's probably because I have only had 2 hours sleep....

dress Mooloola, shoes Sportsgirl


  1. heart ur shoes gorgeous!
    and the book is full of inspiring stuff!!
    i totally agree with u on being influenced by the book and falling in love with is

  2. Oh-my-god! Dexter! I am absolutely in love with him.

  3. go get some sleep then shmoopsie!
    poor thing.
    you look hot, though
    don't get the dress dirty on the tractor...

  4. I love your dress, you look cute still. =)

  5. you are more than hot.

    love the shoes.

  6. i LOVE your shoes! they're amazing :)

  7. 2 things, i must have those shoes and im in love with dexter morgan, too!

  8. oh what a pretty pretty summer dress. it makes me want to sing at the sun. but there is no sun here. but snow !
    u look as pretty as your dress x

  9. loving the sportsgirl shoes!!!


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