Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Darth Vadar I know What I'm Made Of...

Friday night fun, because I am such like a Jedi.

This is not the world's most exciting outfit, the world's most exciting outfit would probably be a ball gown made entirely out of staplers. Mmm I sure do like staplers.

Meanwhile, I just love this tee, it makes me laugh and gives me special jedi powers every time I wear it, and you all know how I feel about special jedi powers.

One time I was wearing this when I caught a bus, and the bus driver just stared at it for ages and said "What does that mean" and I just said "I'm a Jedi." and he said "Ok".

I should have got some George Michael style pictures with this on.

But I did not.

Yes, that is wine in a beer glass. Yes it confuses you and makes you feel like you are just drinking juice. So yes, you end up rather out of sorts by the end of the night. Yes it is classy, but these guys did not have anything else.

Oh and look, there is a big pile of bricks there! I like bricks, so it was very exciting to see an entire pile of them! Hooray Hoorah Bricks are fun.

top One Teaspoon, skirt American Apparel, mystery boots


  1. That tee looks awesome!
    hehe, and that bus driver story is so funny!

  2. i love that tee & your hair is so amazingly gorgeous.
    your blog really is a gem !!


  3. im really liking this outfit! the tee is great. and you look great great withe red lippiieee

  4. cute outfit! i don't know if it is the photos but i think your make-up is a little too pale for you- just throwing it out there. i'm not trying to be mean- just looking out for you, girl!

  5. Oh your tee is wonderful! I would wear that all the time, you are so jedi-ish in it, Im sure the bus driver got that.

  6. Thanks!! Oh and I will tell my Grandma HAPPY B'Day from you!! She's a fan of my blog and loves to look at it. I get my passion for fashion from her. ;)

    WOOHOO for red lips, you wear it so well... jealous.. xxx

  7. nice red lips!! and the mystery boots are cool as well!

  8. LOVE that lippie colour.
    The necklace is gorgeous

  9. haha sounds like you had a lot of fun :) i really love your skirt!

  10. i heart ur facial expression. love it!! and i heart those mystery boots!! hope u had fun!

  11. i am thinking that you are looking amazing as ever. and for some reason, the top photo reminds me of sesame street and i don't know why.

    i can identify with the bus driver scenario. i used to wear this 'vote for pedro' t-shirt before EVERYONE realised what napoleon dynamite was and I had all these guys, young and old, going 'I'm Pedro'

    and then I would say 'NO you are NOT' and then run away as fast as I could.

    you manage to look classy even though you are holding a drink, which must mean you are a princess

    and I have just recently discovered the joys of red lipstick. I shall wear it until I get old and wrinkly and boys stop asking me to dance

    my, my, my i do get carried away sometimes, sorry for the longer than average comment

  12. hahaa
    love the shirt! had no idea it was one teaspoon! x

  13. Teehee, cute outfit! Mmm stapler gown- I would definitely require one should I ever be asked on a date by 'Office Space's' Milton. They would have to be red of course!

  14. hey beauty beauts.

    ah i <3 the black/white + red sexy lips.

    super simple.
    super edgy.
    super loves.

    may the force be with you lovely one!

    i hope you are having a fabulous weekend.



  15. Love that last pic of you ms. jedi ;) ....I swear, going out partying with you must be oodles of fun...did I just write that?! Oodles?....Can you pass on some of that "force" to me...:P

  16. what's with all the bricks? and most importantly, if Australia has all the bricks, what will be of the construction business in other parts of the world?
    HATE the wine in the beer glass
    LOVE the tee + you

  17. You are so damn adorbale! I'm thinking your jedi skills are seriously spilling over through your style because you rock this outfit!!

    And the red lipstick is HOT!!!

  18. The force is with you. I agree with Bella

  19. JAJAJA, you are very funny and nice!! I love your blog! ^_^
    Kisses from Spain!!

  20. oh babe you're having so much fun! Love the first pic, definately a whole load of force exuding from you there and your big cup of wine seals the deal!
    Im about to load up some of my pictures from my boozy weekend... Bad weather eastside though, doesnt make for the best pool party!
    Padawan Zanita x

  21. you look like you are having fun... like your red lip color. it's so hard to find the exact red to suit me.

  22. No way im sure you could come up with something amazing! The best tip ive ever been give for fashion is to take risks. If you wear something with confidence how can it not be cool? Its obvious you have a great sense of style, bust out all your quirkiest pieces! Its totally liberating once you get a hang of it.

  23. hehe ur so cute!
    i love that necklace
    and i love how u pull off lipstick! hot!

  24. Gosh i love your blog! Cheers me up every single time.

    That tshirt is utter perfection. I am a complete star wars closet nerd, and it appeals to my inner jedi :)

    You look amazing, the red lipstick is so perfect on you, and your hair is stunning x

  25. You've been tagged honey! We love you and your blog so much. We look forward to reading every one of your posts. Spread the love!

    ...6 things that make you happy....pass onto 6 others you adore!

  26. haha i still can't see most peoples pictures but i did see star wars so i feel like i can relate on the jedi thing. and it sounds cool!

    and i frequently drink wine from a plastic cup, but when you need wine, you just have to use whatever resources you have. or you could just drink from the bottle, but that has more of a 'i'm depressed and want to die' type of vibe.

    argh i really want to see the pile of bricks since last time i spent 20 minutes admiring the brickwall in your last photos.. and now i'm quite fond of bricks.

  27. love, love the outfit-- the shirt most esp! and paired with red red lips (that i couldnt possibly pull off but looks wonderful on you) its just wonderful..



  28. Nice blog... Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog :
    Bottes pas cher
    Marina (from France)

  29. okay, brick lady. I hear you. We have plenty of those in our backyard. I should invite you so that you can covet our pile of our bricks!!! haha

    you look hot with that red lipstick btw.

  30. Love the tee, and you just inspired me to see a star wars movie! So this post 'floated my boat'... your sense of humor is quite amusing. Float on!


  31. damn I love you.

    I want to get drunk with you.

    ps. the red lips are full of WIN!

  32. Ah, love a good trashbag weekend, so Australian......

    Red lipstick, red wine - excellent beverage/cosmetic coordination.

    Looking model snarl-tastic as always Miss. You never fail.


    Oh, and wine in any kind of glass/cup/mug/drinking vessel is fine - at least you weren't playing 'goon of fortune'!

  33. hello red lips and amazing tee . i treid to make my own slogan tee once , but i have to staple the words on as i was broke + couldnt afford clothing glue. i still have it , it looks like it was made by a child, it actually was , i was 9 . i feela bond with it , and wear it in secret , but never outdoors as its inhumanity may upset ppl. it is a ladies head , she is ugly , which is unintentional. i talk to much . u look great :) x

  34. george!!! heheheh.
    man, u have a great face!

  35. you are so damn funny. that tee is a good one!


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