Monday, November 3, 2008

Six records in don't know where to begin...


Well Mr and Mr's. I'm not going to lie. I have been drinking, yes on a Monday, yes cocktails, yes I am a rebel. My answer to all your questions is yes. Unless it involves me giving away my organs or something strange like that....

So today, I was trying to get ready to go out for dinner, and suddenly it became cold and rainy. Like really bitterly cold and rainy! It was so confusing that I had to bash myself in the head with several bricks until I had registered that it was raining outside. But then it was just messy, so I mopped up all the blood and there is the final product (yes all those pictures above these words, the strange man with the beard in the outfit outside a brick wall, lots of bricks, yes that's the one.)

Tomorrow is the Melbourne Cup, I have nothing to wear, which is okay because I am at work anyway. Perth does not get a public holiday unlike you cool Melbournians (is that even a word). Perhaps I will wear some kind of tribal headdress, and by tribal headdress I mean I will build one entirely out of legos and old tissue boxes. HOT HOT HOT!

Anyway, the moral of the story is WHERE IS SUMMER?? I thought we were friends, but you went on a long journey away from me, and it breaks my mighty heart. MY MIGHTY MIGHTY HEART.

top Dotti, skirt American Apparel, jacket Mystery IT IS A MYSTERY, tights lots and lots of black paint and dirt, boots Mystery(actually these broke back in May when I was in Melbourne, and me being the lazy Stompface that I am, I just put them away in the cupboard until now when I pulled them out and realised they weren't broken at all, ho ho I'm so crazy the end) bag Sachi.


  1. Melbournian is a word. though i may have just spelt it wrong. i dont know, thats what we call ourselves anyway. i know sydney people are sydney siders and tasmainans are called inbreds [lol jks] but what are perth people called? maybe your cupboard has magic healing powers and fixed your shoes for you!

  2. That's a good outfit, and cocktails are great any time!

  3. oh sir you look so confused, maybe it is because you realised we are all acctually living in one of those towns in a plsic dome, that when you shake al the snow falls. Yes i would look very confused if i had just discovered that also. But i must say you look extremly attractive for someone who has just made a life altering realisation...

  4. ure hair looks very pleasing to the eye on these pictures . i would very much like it to be my hair , but then myhair would be upset and cry . i dont wish to have sad here, you u must see my conumdrum !


  5. Great outfit !!!
    Beautiful jackett :]

  6. perfect outfit. and the purse is cute. love it!

    -choppy shades

  7. Wild thing, you make my heart sing! Drinking on a Monday AND looking like that at the same're too cool to be true, dear!

  8. Well hello, you look gorgeous after monday night drinking, hmm, I need to look like that after my monday night drinks but I dont. And your jacket is really nice too, must find a way to make it rain here when I want to wear a lovely jacket so I can drink and look lovely like you too.

    I think Im too sleepy to make sense. But yes you look lovely.

  9. Oh my goodness you look ahhhhhmazing Ms. Stompface! Like seriously, everything is perfection, I adore the leather jacket and booties.
    xo I plan on having Monday night cocktails as well, so the more power to us, non?

  10. i absolutely LOVE this look... and love the jacket

  11. i really like your short sleeve jacket.

  12. oh my.your comments are the sweetest.
    thankyou beautiful.

    love this outfit.
    not only is it edgy,
    but your attitude adds even more edge.
    which i love.
    which = radness!!!

    i hope you're having a wonderful start to your week.



    you rock SF.

  13. haha III made YOU laugh? all of your posts make me laugh. anyway I think I should ask you to trade links, even though Im not quite sure what that means!

  14. Deary me, a late reply on my behalf but nonetheless

    The wackness opens november 13th.cannot wait

    She bought me the vintage tulip one. it's white and it's got frills and everything. I hate calling it vintage but that's what it says on the label.

    When I think of vintage, I think of all the people who own 'vintage stores' who hunt out all their finds from the vinnies up the road for $2 and sell it in their 'vintage store' for $200. which explains my hesitance in using the term. I will hopefully do an outfit post soon, I have been very lazy as of late.

    I love these boots you are wearing. i'm glad they were not really broken.and your jacket is darling too. i'm currently looking for a pair of heeled brogues. I found a pair in sydney but didn't buy them at the time because I was with a sensible friend, who happens to be a boy,who said 'You won't ever wear them'

    And I would have! I know it!

  15. i love that outfit!
    you are deff rocking it!
    your posts always make me smile.


  16. Headdress made entirely of legos and old tissue boxes?! lol. You should really give that a try. Be the new McQueen! =P

  17. my oh my. i thought you need to know that your blogs continually make me giggle. also, you are lovely. kbye :)

  18. Ah. Girl the sentiments are reciprocated back lol. I know right! Summer here in NZ isn't any better. We had a FANTASTIC Winter but i think i'd rather Summer be the bully this year round.

    I like your design concepts, they be very wacky. You know what would be wackier! Actually making them :P I'm sure you would rock it though haha.

    Drinking on Mon = fine. Chucking up in lecture hall = not (which unfortunately a pal was unfortunate to go through earlier this year :(

  19. I love this outfit. I love just a little leather jacket worn over a t shirt or something. The simpler the better. I think the lego headdress is a good idea, i look forward to pictures, lol!!

  20. oh wow sweetie. I hope your head didn't hurt the day after these photos and this post.

  21. hey ho SF . yes i am indeedy a great gf but i have a sneaky plan . i wanted to see kings of leon so i bought him tickets n he will be so pleased he will take me and i will be happy ! haha la la la. also funny u should mention colour blindness , as he is infact colourblind . quite badly i must add. so now i am a little fearful that even if i do buy a red lippie, he may see it as green n think i have donned some sort of fancy dress ! xx

  22. Hey girlie! you look gorgeous!

  23. Love the grey and black!! the jacket is so so fab! Anyway the owl pouch is so so cute!

    AND thanks for the compliment((: Really meant alot coming from you!

  24. Right back at ya... but I think the real question is... how did you get so awesome!!! Sweetie your comments always make feel all giddy!! I just adore your style!

    Well, it's no lie that you're looking posively gorgeous! The entire ensemble is fantastic!!!

    Oh and the those adorable little pouches are just that... adorable in that very special fairy tale sort of way! lol

    Did you get them?

  25. You look gorgeous! Love the outfit! You have a very cool it girl vibe! I'm very jealous!

  26. I love those boots, and that bag, and that necklace. And pretty much everything else you're wearing.

    The end.

  27. Cocktails and cute jackets are always good times

  28. i'd say yes to melbournians being a word. and thats coming from a melbournian herself.

    so i am correct :)

    i love the outfit and i love cocktails.

    win win!

  29. I love this outfit on you. Bloggerific cool! <3

    ♥/ fashion chalet

  30. oh my, you look TOO COOL in this outifit! too cool... you know the kind of effortless vibe Kate Moss is so famous for, yep you got it.

    I miss summer too.

  31. you look great,i adore your bag and your natural look:)

  32. Your jacket and your bag are beautiful!! O.O

    Kisses!! :o)

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