Thursday, December 29, 2011

the world's funnest dress................

This lacy dress is pretty much the funnest dress in the world.  Anything with tutu's are alright by me!

Unfortunately the only photos I got of me wearing it were a couple of instagram ones and some of me playing on the cross trainer..  Isn't Elliptical a funny word? Elliptical, Elliptical!  It was the most exercise I've done all year!

Fun lacy dresses, I highly recommend!!

dress from Princess Polly, shoes Holster, nailpolish Sportsgirl, daisies from the galaxy


  1. It's such a gorgeous dress ~ LOVE this outfit post ~ very you :) :)


  2. that dress is adorable!! It's very flattering on you!!

  3. That dress is so cute. It's the kind of dress that every little girl wants to own when they grow up! You look beautiful in that second last pic xx


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