Saturday, December 10, 2011

whoa PINK.....

Yes what you are witnessing right now is pretty much the greatest party dress in the history of all party dresses.

It is a VERY wonderful and VERY pink dress! It makes me want to roll myself down hills and jump up and down on the spot for 15 minutes whilst yelling things about dresses and pink things.

I wore this absolutely adorably adorable dress from Justyna G to my work Xmas party last night.  What an amazingly wonderful creation she has created here, she is not a fashion designer she is a secret wizard because she clearly has magical powers.  Secret wizards are the best kind.

Gosh I am feeling super super seedy but staring at photos of this dress is brightening my day, and should brighten yours too! It's fun to look at things that are pink and pretty! Weeeeeee

Yes, I am slightly delirious today..

dress Justyna G, shoes Dotti, bag Forever New


  1. That IS the greatest party dress, it's true.
    And you are looking quite fabulous in it dear.

    Liv <3

  2. That dress darling is just oh-so-fabulous I must say!

    Eda ♥

  3. Abby! This is such a gorgeous post. What an absolutely fantabulous dress. It certainly is pink and it suits you to a T. By the way, your skin looks incredible. What faux glow did you use? As always, you, Miss Stylista, have nailed it. Gah, you're so stunning!


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