Saturday, December 3, 2011

none the richer bangle stack.............

Isn't bangle a funny word? Bangle, bangle.  Say it out loud a few times, it sounds super weird, bangle bangle.  But what isn't super weird, what is in fact super awesome is the bangle stack from None The Richer.  I'm actually such a fan of stacks of bangles decorating arms, and this is pretty sweet as pie because it does all the work for you! Pretty sweet Christmas present if you ask me, and I should know, I know all about Christmas, I walked past an in store santa just yesterday.

I've already done all my Christmas shopping, because I am awesome.  However I seem to forever be buying Christmas presents for myself. Weeeeeeeeeeeee

p.s yes they come in a rad box, that I assume is like tiny luggage, so if you are like me and love to constantly pretend to be a giant, then this has so many possibilities.

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