Sunday, December 4, 2011

minkpink spotty x sparkly holster................

Fun Friday afternoon times with my best friend Max and Mr Stompface, running around the streets in the sunny sun wearing a spotty spot dress and sparkly sparkle shoes on my veiny vein feet!  It was wonderful.

Can you feel the summertime!!!  I am having a summah constantly, and I like it.

Good day sirs.

shoes Holster, dress MINKPINK via Market HQ,


  1. Oh Abby, so pretty! What a glorious dress and fantabulous sparkly shoes. I am also a big MinkPink fan (thanks to you beautiful Stompy girl). You've brightened up my day with sunshiny-ness (since Sydney is so dreary and ghastly today). Thank you! You're such a ray of light!


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