Tuesday, November 15, 2011

and the world looked like a giant cupcake..............

Meanwhile, I was wearing this spectacularly fun Evil Twin dress from my lovely loves at Market HQ.  LOOK AT IT, ISN'T IT WONDERFUL?! It is all sheer and studdy and fun and when you put it on, you instantly start running around in circles yelling "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".  It is awkward when this occurs in the middle of fancy restaurants.

I celebrated my first year of marriage in this dress on the weekend, and it was wonderful.  We celebrated by eating the most ridiculously wonderful steaks at Rockpool.  I was also wearing this delightful shiny House of Harlow treat from MHQ too. It is delicious! if eating shiny things is what you are into, or if you are a magpie.

I definitely have my go to favourites though as you might notice, obsessed with this Sportsgirl necklace, and nearly always end up in the boots because they are so darn comfortable and I like to frolic about a lot in my day to day life so it is nice to be free to do so whilst also being tall but without breaking too many ankles. Although I really wanted to wear my black slip dress underneath this one, but I cannot find it, ANYWHERE, if you see it busking on street corners tell it to come back home I miss it.

dress Evil Twin & ring House Of Harlow via Market HQ, shoes, sunnies & necklace Sportsgirl, bag Forever New,


  1. Eeeep that dress is just so freakin' adorable!!!!
    Congratulations to you and your hubby on your fist year of marriedness :) :) :)

  2. ahhh red is so your colour!! i'm afraid it would look ridiculous on me :( why are you so great??!

  3. I love Evil Twinnnnnnn, you look awesome in that dress!

  4. Loving this post! You look amazing in that colour.


  5. This dress is absolutely amazing. I love the jewellery you've got matched with it xx

  6. love this dress, and your instragrammy photos!


    Bang & Buck

  7. lol I expect I have some rogue dresses busking around dead ends too! Seriously, some of my beauts have actually gone astray which is quite confusing since my flatmates are currently all guys haha. Laundry troll snatching them away perhaps?

    Anyway lovely dress and a very HAPPY FIRST ANNI!!!!!! Hope you're happy happy ^_^


  8. Looks amazing! Congrats to you and your boy, and to celebrating 100 more years in a row!!!!



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