Saturday, November 5, 2011

chip chop chip chop.............

chip chopped my hair on Thursday, all this talk of chip chop makes me think of chocolate chip and that is delicious!  Had to get this short cut out of my system because I had been thinking about it FOR EV ER.  and now it is done I can move on with my life without constantly thinking about chopping it all off.

so I'm pretty happy haps with it which is good and not bad.  I just only wish the weather would get back to being summah like, it is freakin miserable out there and I can't get motivated because I need sunshine in my life.

the last photo is courtesy of my beloved hansticles! we had adventures last night, and in true hanby/abnah style we had the most fun just standing on the road for 5 minutes.  But then we got on to way too serious conversations and too many deep and meaningfuls....nothing like a night out with your bestie!

dress Dotti, shoes & necklace Sportsgirl, bag Forever New


  1. That dress looks really pretty on you!

  2. Oh, so you did hun! I was looking at these pictures and thinknig to myself...something aint quite right here! lol. Good on you for getting the chop. Mine was nearly as long as your hair pre-cut until I lopped it all off about a month ago and my goodness! Is it refreshing! haha. Looking tres cute in your little lace number ^_^

    Eeli x

  3. looks so swish girly. i grew up always with a bob & or mid way between ears & shoulders length so i decided to grow it & its now at about my bra length & i constantly go through periods of wanting to lop it off again but i just can't do it yet! have to see how long this hair gets haha!x

  4. We love your hair.. nice color... we like your necklace too, it's perfect for your white dress..

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  5. You've got gorgeous hair darling and that dress is super pretty.

    Eda ♥

  6. looks gorgeous girrl!! everyone is going for the long bob at the mo! X

  7. I've said it before and Ill say it again, you look like an absolute dream in that white lace dress! As for the lob, it looks gorgeous on you!

  8. Ok, so suuupeerr addicted to white dresses at the moment, and this is perfect!

    Looking lovely as always pretty thing!

    Friend in Fashion

  9. lovely blog! great dress you look so beautiful!wanna follow each other?


  10. you look so vintage!!awesome plaid white... ;)


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