Wednesday, November 2, 2011

heels that are very very high.........

I've never in my life had difficulties wearing high heels.  In fact I can practically play sport in them and have so before.  But these are just the teeniest bit higher than what I'm used to so they are going to take some practice!!  But they are very beautiful and will go with pretty much everything so once I feel like I'm not going to plummet to my death whilst wearing them life will be good.  And I will always be able to reach for jars of things at the tops of very high shelves.  Probably if I went to the far away tree while wearing them my head would immediately be popping out into some new land, like the land of incredibly high heels.  Where everyone in the land wears very high heels and walk around and do jigs much like a funny stilts wearing circus performer.  I wish I was in the circus, mainly because it seems a lot more fun than actual work, although I am very very afraid of clowns.

Wore this on the weekend, but didn't get a proper shot of it.  Will have to have an outfit reenactment sometime soon.  If not an outfit reenactment perhaps I can dress up all medieval and do a reenactment of wars in the middle ages...either or.

Hope you are all having splendid days, I'm already not because I'm about to go to work. BOO URNS I say, boo urns.

p.s look at me blog! stompy is back!

skirt, shoes & tee Dotti, bag Forever New, necklace & nailpolish Sportsgirl


  1. :) lovely photos. that bag looks cute

  2. Such a pretty outfit and that bag looks delightful.

    Eda ♥

  3. You have picked up some awesome finds in Dotti the past week or so! Love this skirt but love your white dress more so do magical posts about your dress. You are truly spunky Abby!


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