Friday, November 18, 2011

bubble o awesome......................

I felt it was very important for me to blog about this momentous occasion.  Yesterday, thanks to my lovely friend Aimee, I got to experience my first ever Bubble O Bill...


On another note I got all my Christmas shopping done last night! Except for Mr Stompface, it's all done!! What a great day it was!!

Now lets hope today at work goes super fast and is an equally magical day.

I need to go take a bath in a tub filled with Bubble O Bills now...

Good Day!


  1. OMG, you were finally de-Bubble'O'd.. And even better, you got a good flavoured nose bubble!!!! You should feel very special. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for my 2 seconds of bubble fun, no matter what flavour... But they're rarely ever good. Green can suck it.

    Liv <3

  2. wow how good are you to have already finished your christmas shopping! A+++ to you!
    you know i don't think I've ever had a bubble-o bill either!x

  3. hahaha this is awesome! i have been obsessed with bubble o bills since i can remember...they are my favourite ever!

  4. lol Bubble O's were like my 90's daily guilty pleasure! haha. Sadly they dont sell them anymore here since aaaaages ago BOO but hopefully since you've snaffled a pair in Oz they'll be reaching our shores soon!? Gosh, PLEASE say they will! BLAH I'm craving them badly now haha.

    On another note good work with the Xmas shopping. Been bad...havnt even thought about it =(


  5. Bubble O Bill? Is this an Australian treat? It looks delicious, however, I've never heard of them!

    I love when I reach your comment (in replying to comments), and I'm like, "Yay! It's Abby time!" (Better than "Hammer Time"). :D

    Hope you're well, and thanks, as always, for your super-sweet-wonderful comments you leave me, lovely. <3

  6. bubble o bill is such a cute yummy pop! i have never met one but have had a mikey mouse pop with a bubble gum nose. it has been too long. :)
    peace & love


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