Sunday, July 17, 2011

wintry adventures...............

Here are a few snaps from my birthday weekend away in Margaret River.  What a beautiful place!  It was especially lovely to visit in the very cold wintry times and be rugged up and eat delicious food and drink lots of wine!

These snaps are from a winery tour we went on with Bushtucker Tours. I highly recommend! We visited four wineries, a brewery, a cheese factory and the chocolate factory.  We had the cutest tour guide George, I just wanted to pat him on the head! We all made friends with everyone on our bus and ended up going to dinner and drinking more at the pub after.  Yes I surely do love strange new friends.

Also the wineries all had adorable wine dogs, and as I was missing my dog back at home I became more excited over the dogs than the wine.  They were super cute!

I think I have discovered my dream in life to own and live at a winery.

Asher became quite the beardface, but that is sadly now gone...

p.s Yesterday was my 3 year bloggiversary! Good golly miss molly!

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  1. Lovely photos :D i am liking the geese one!

  2. man!!!! looks like so much fun birthday adventures! Im super glad you had a wonderful time!

    Oh and thanks for the rollar-coaster of emotions that came with your last comment! I got this anonymous comment that started with "filthy blogger" i nearly had a heart attack thinking it was my first hater! hahaha but then my heart was overcome with warm fuzzies and love and kittens when I read your BEAUTIFUL comment! :) Thank you! and your much welcome for the story! any time you want one! just let me know! I had heaps of fun writing about abby dinosaur!


  3. oh and congratu-gactu-gactu-gactu-liations!!!!! on 3 years! by golly! :)

  4. its neat to me that i am on summer adventures while you on winter adventures. id love to be in australia some day. its always been dreamy to me. happy adventures and happy 3 bloggity years.
    peace & love!

  5. how lovely to spend it at Margaret River, I absolutely adore that place it is sooooo lovely! I can't wait to go back! and loving that wooly coat of yours X

  6. Love the pics, hehe I laughed when I saw the ducks, I don't know why they just make me smile :) You look lovely in your winter woolly knit :) Margaret River is such a relaxing place to spend your loved ones with, I would love to go back in the summer and drink some wine :)

  7. Gosh i love the duckies :) xo

  8. Bushtucker tours do such a good job! Hope you weren't the one stuck eating the witchety grub haha (if they still do that!) xx

  9. Beautiful as always. This makes me want to go on a wine tasting tour asap! x

  10. Hi ya!

    just stumbled across your blog. its absolutely beautiful! love all your photos from the winery- wine and cheese = my weakness. congrats on your 3yr blog anny as well!

    i am your newest follower btw! follow me back?

  11. super amazing shots gorgeous... how time slips past so quickly ...


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