Tuesday, July 12, 2011

jum jum.............

Here are some old photos I hadn't got around to posting yet...golly I sure do love this jumper, it's a great no effort outfit, either with cutoffs or jeans or simply as a jumper dress. I highly recommend it.

I've been home sick today :( and feeling sorry for myself.  I'm so so so over this cold wintry weather. and feeling sick, it is no fun, I want sunshine and happy days dagnabbit.

I hope you are all feeling wonderful and better than I am! I must catch up on blog town, so behind these days.

jumper Sportsgirl


  1. i can see why you love that sweater, its gorgeous - perfect sized holes& fab colour!!x

  2. Jumper looks cosy as! I'm liking that sort of smokey mocha colour at the moment!
    So glad you can finally freaking comment on my blog again haha xx

  3. you are a very gorgeous lady! i look forward to laughter times with you on saturday :) xxxx


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