Sunday, July 3, 2011


I bought this delicious neon jumper ages ago, but have not got around to outfitty posting it.  It would have been ideal when I was doing the neon challenge with L but I forgot and never got around to it, like the good blogger I am.

Been super drawn to all the neon colours around and I LOVE this jumper, it is so soft and so much fun to wear.

Yesterday I wore this to the shops on the way out for dinner.  I was attracting enough attention with my neonness and whilst trying to find the keys in my bag I walked straight into a bollard thing on the foot path. IT HURT and strangers laughed at me, as did my husband! It was fun, except not at all.

I am about to head off on a million adventures and will take millions of photos so you can all get involved on my return.

neon jumper Cotton On Body, maxi Skirt Evil Twin and necklace MINKPINK both via Market HQ, belt & shoes Sportsgirl


  1. hahah awww, sounds like something i would do
    that jumper is friggen rad :)

  2. wowzer thats so bright! so cool though, & do you just happen to have a year round super dark tan? because if so i am super jealous. & beautiful skirt, love the print.x

  3. Love this colour on you, it's super pretty with your blonde hair :) Hope you're feeling ok! That must have hurt :( Can't wait to see more pics.

  4. That colour looks amazing on you! makes me want to jump into something bright pink!

    alannah is right your skin is glowing!

    And i still love that Evil Twin Skirt!

    xxx Kimberley

  5. waaaahh that pink is SO GOOD on you!! i dont think i could pull it off. you are so amazing, lets catch up soon!!

  6. Neon = massive YES!

    You look a treat miss. I love this neon pink colour & have been trying to track down a winter knit just like this. You've re-motivated me :)

    Friend in Fashion

  7. LOVES this! you look ah-may-zing! I vote we should count this as your neon post! so we're in need of a new challenge! is it your pick for a theme or mine?


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