Saturday, July 2, 2011

galaxy galaxy galaxy galaxy..............

Oh yes, lovely webcammy photos, taken with my new laptop before work yesterday.  They were not the best quality so the obvious solution was to put galaxies all over them. GALAXIES SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS.  Galaxy is a funny word, look at it over and over again it is quite funny.

Wore this bright red lipstick to work yesterday, nobody can handle it.  It's like they have never seen lipstick before, all the controversy it causes WHY WHY. It is a mystery I will never understand....but I just take the ridicule because I love lipstick damnit!

Starting an extra long weekend today HOORAY HOORAY. I am going to have many wonderful adventures isn't that nice. Yes it is, I hope you all have wonderful adventures too, but if you don't you could just pretend that you did, and drawing all over your face with lipstick would probably help that....

p.s even though my hair is now shorter I can still plait it back like before, this makes me happy, the people who said I look like a StarWars character, do not.


  1. Pretty!!!!!
    Bright lipstick is awesome, I feel naked without fact I would rather go out naked and wearing lipstick than fully clothed and wearing no lipstick :P

  2. Let the galaxies decide I say ! coolio images..w -new zealand

  3. I love the photos. Galaxies are influencing my paintings at the moment which makes your photos that bit more fab for me.

  4. This makes me want to pull out my galaxy tights and go walking on the moon! You in?

    I don't understand men when it comes to lipstick.. the customers at work always have something to say when I wear it! even the regulars! I bet you look amazing in it!


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