Saturday, August 6, 2011

leopardy leopard.............

Never been the biggest fan of leopardy print, until recently, and in this silly cold weather this furry delight is so warm it's not even funny. I'M TELLING YOU YOU WON'T EVEN LAUGH ONCE, but you will roll around in the gravel yelling I'm warm I'm warm at all the passer bys.  Is passerby one or two words? It is a mystery that can never be solved, unless I was to google it, because google solves all mysteries and everyone knows that everything on the internet is the truth.

I haven't blogged in a very long time because I haven't been feeling very inspired and I've been pretty busy with work and life.  But I did recently jump on the Iphone bandwagon and have become very obsessed with Instagram, so I will post a bunch of photos from there over the days to come, It isn't cheating Aimee!!  Also get onto Instagram if you can, my username is stompface! Hooray!

fur coat Forever new, tank dress & bag Sportsgirl


  1. Leopard coat! Love! It looks very cozy indeed.

  2. Agreed! Leopard print is hottttttt xx

  3. I love this - leopard print is beautiful!

    EDA ♥


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