Saturday, July 9, 2011

dinosaurs are things that would cheer me up.......

Here are some old photos from when I had my hair chopped... I'm already thinking its time to chop it again. chop chop chop.

argh having such an ugly day today, don't you hate those when you just feel gross no matter what :( it is LAME. and not fun and I like things that are FUN and NOT lame..but that is life.

feel free to tell me millions of magical stories to cheer me up..... the title of this post provides you with a hint...

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  1. One day there was a dinosaur named abby. She was a pretty dinosaur and was proud of her large horns and spikes and sharp teeth. (cause these things are very important to dinosaurs, like as important as hair and dresses are to girls) Abby lived in a cave overlooking a large lake where she now sat watching the other dinosaurs having a picnic. They had fizzy orange cola and cucumber sandwiches and pink cupcakes. (cause much like little girls this is what dinosaurs liked to eat)

    The dinosaur picnic was for Abby's birthday! but unfortunately poor Abby didn't realise this. So she sat in her cave and pretended not to care by arranging rocks into interesting shapes and drawing pictures of mr bird, who was keeping her company.

    Upon finishing mr birds latest adventure Abby looked up and out to the lake, but there sat an empty picnic. No dinosaurs, no laughing, no nothing. to Abby went to investigate (well to steal some cupcakes) Abby waddled down the hill (cause dinosaurs waddle, like ducks) and crept up to the picnic.

    Just then ALL her dinosaur friends emerged and yelled "Happy Birthday Abby Face!!!" and dinosaur Abby fell down laughing and every dinosaur gave her presents and then they brought out the no no juice and all the dinosaurs danced naked by the lake under the full moon and had many midnight adventures celebrating Abby dinosaur.

    THE END.

  2. Your outfit is so dreamy <3 I love the glittery sheer fabric! I hate ugly days too! I can't seem to get my hair to sit right today; it's so frustrating!

    Lost in the Haze

  3. I think you are fab, but since you need a story and mine are not so good, please refer to The Land Before Time asap :) hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. The title and theme of your blog is: catchy and different, I like it :) I'd write a dinosaur story as well, but I see Isadora has already conquered in that apartment, very well if I might as :)

    P.S. You favor Lea Michelle, alot.

  5. Absolutely love your hair shorter - you look a dream, and in that pretty white cape, even more angelic!

    Hope today is a cheerier day pretty thing!

    Friend in Fashion

  6. arghhhhhhhhh the blessed cape... it so glorious! i miss it very much!

  7. damn girl.. you are beautiful and sexy :)

  8. you are all kinds of beautiful & ethereal & goddess-like my dear stompy friend!! LOVE your shorter hair, you rock it like no other!! BIG LOVE!


  9. You're SO beautiful! You look like an angel in that outfit. I adore! xox


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