Thursday, July 7, 2011

somedays lovin...........

so it is 6.30 in the morning, and in the middle of winter.  And it has been FREAKIN cold lately, and I have been missing summer more than ever.  So I was happy to try and climb in to my email this morning when I received these gorgeous summer time look book images by Somedays Lovin..... Do you want to climb into this world as much as I do?? I've never actually owned any Somedays Lovin pieces, but I now want to more than ever!!

 Argh summer I miss you....

So I'm going to gaze at these for as long as it takes for Summer to actually appear....

Models: Joella & Kelsey

Photography: Emmanuel Giraud

Styling: Heather Cairns

Art Direction : Jaye Leigo

Music (Vibe clip): ‘Half Of It’ by Yes You


  1. i lvoe love love those cut out jeans! the cut out where the pockets are so unique!


  2. such a great shoot,
    soo excited for spring fashion; it's always the best!


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