Wednesday, September 29, 2010

so pretty........

Hooray for surprise presents in the mail, and they are always surprising me because I always forget about whatever I have online purchased....this Frankie diary is as pretty as some kind of thing that covered themselves in glue and rolled around in glitter and ribbons and streamers.....

.... I get way too excited by diaries, so I always buy them early, and then I can't write in them for months...and I want to write in them because it is so damn fun damnit.  Oh golly I am strange.....

I have been so busy lately, it is crazy town.  With a new job and getting married in six weeks. YES YOU HEARD RIGHT, SIX WEEKS!! I have much much much to do.  I need a personal assistant...... who wishes to apply? I will pay you in imaginary singing bunnies that wear scuba diving outfits and bake scones.


  1. i love diaries too! that frankie one is marvellous...i want one too!
    you're getting married in 6 weeks? where are you having it? that must be so exciting xx

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! WOW!!! Hope all of the wedding planing is going well and everything is working out :D

  3. Ohhh jesus we are the same!!!!!!!! Last year i had three diff ones for work and two for home. Now I want a frankie one miss!!

    6 weeks! Insane how quick time goes as you get older. Hope the job is going well hun xx

  4. haha I understand its the same for me I buy diaries but in the end I never write in them

  5. I'm a diary girl too :) and yay for your approaching special day :D

  6. Hahaha you adorable like breakfast riding a bike!!
    I too love diaries and books with blank pages and smiggle. Because they r waiting to b written on/in and u can write or draw anything you wish.
    On another note, excitement about the wedding!!!!! You r going to b a mrs soon! U r going to have a husband!! I hope your wedding day is filled with the best of thing and happiness and cakes and dancing!!! Mwa!!


  7. Ohh this diary is gorgeous! I'm thinking about getting one especially because it's from Frankie :)

  8. Oooh addictive :)
    Goodluck and have a great time organising your wedding!! So jel!

  9. Oh, I'd be your assistant, if only I wasn't on the opposite side of the planet!


  10. I have way too many diaries too. I buy so many and then I end up writing a few pages in one and then I want to start writing in another one, so I do that and so on....haha


  11. I would take that job! I can pay my mortgage in bunnies right? Cos if so, I think it would be my dream job. I love organising people and their lives! AND WEDDINGS. I should have done that for you, I would kill to be a wedding planner.

  12. This makes me so sad because I reallllly wanted a Frankie diary but I was too late and they all sold out. Wah :(


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