Wednesday, September 8, 2010


it is oh so wintery again, WHY MR SEASON WHY. I want sunshining upon my face. I want bare legs and whimsical summer dresses.

oh me oh my. I am cold right now.....


  1. You cannot wait for sunshine and cannot wait for our chilly days. I fell in love with your braid.

  2. me oh my i am confused by this weather. I think its raining because im moving house... every time i pack a box more rain comes. Its my fault!

  3. Tell me about it!! I just posted on the saddypad weather this morning. I was expecting sunshine. Its spring. WHERE IS MAI SUNSHINE!!????
    Oh perf. You surely dissapoint today. =(

    In other news. CUTE OUTFIT!!!!I bet even the clouds were smiling when they saw you walk down the street :D xo

  4. I hate Perth weather right now, one day it's sunny, the beginning of Spring was beautiful and now it's turned it's back on us :(

    looking very pretty though!


  5. You look lovely in these photos - I love the skirt! And I wish I had long enough hair to do a side braid.


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