Saturday, September 4, 2010

disposable adventures..........

ah yes many adventures to be had when one has reunited with their estranged best friend, my estranged best friend and I seem to estrange for about two years then reunite and then estrange again and reunite again after two is weird, but reuniting with lost loves is wonderful...

because neither of us have a time machine at home, we had to time travel back by doing something we haven't done since we were about seventeen... buying disposable cameras and then just walking around the place taking random photos... so spectacular....

I think I might have to be really cheesy and get some of these for the wedding... the quality is a whimsical boat ride down a stream of gloriousness......

loves it...

p.s I bought the best ever nude lipgloss today, happy days!


  1. ahhh your outfit!! i lovelovelove it!! where are the boots from?


  2. These pictures are so fun. The perfect start to spring!

  3. Yet again, a lovely end to my Saturday afternoon, thanks to you, oh Stompy.

    I am also reuniting with my estranged best friend next weekend, for a whole day downtown, amongst the vintage stores, chain smoking derelicts of society, market stalls, and the smells of fresh produce and wine. It will be so much more than thrilling.

    Happy weekend, my love.
    You are just brilliant and I do love you so.

    Much Love,
    Norah xx
    -lets run away-

  4. serrriously how good are disposable cameras? love your blog! x

  5. Ohhh I've been looking for a nude lipgloss for a long time too! Do tell where this mirculous find might be aquired? Love the pictures... If you ever want to take some stompy photos with a non-disposable let me know

  6. Oh yes miss, as Zeus so eloquently asked above... where is the gloss from?

  7. Best outfit! I want to steal that jacket. lovely lovely xx

  8. your outfit is so adorable!
    love the pastel colours and your braided hair. x.


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