Tuesday, September 7, 2010

wedding invitations....................

finally got my wedding invitations printed up, ended up designing them myself and got them printed at a printer, it saved me around $700 plus!! it is crazy town how much wedding invitation places expect you to pay!


  1. They are just Perfect lady, so much sweeter that you designed yourself. Everyone will realise and think what a talented lil miss you are :) have super day Hun x

  2. i love handmade weddings! handmade anything is the bestest. your invites look lovely! they will brighten lots of mailboxes.
    peace & love.

  3. So so beautiful!!! How exciting and wonderful and EFFERYFING!
    My sister is getting married in April next year. My lil sis. It's such a beautiful and exciting time for the family. JEEBERS i'm sure its going to be just excellent! They look magical xo

  4. so cute!!
    so special to keep for the years to come!!
    very exciting that your wedding is getting closer + closer!!


  5. they are so cute! yes I totally agree, it's so damn expensive for invitations, for mine and my sister's birthday invitations we designed them ourselves but still spent $100 worth of paper because the paper was so expensive a piece too.

    have a beautiful week.

  6. These look perfectly delightful! You did a most excellent job on them. And a $700 saving sounds like the icing on the cake. It's crazy to think what some will charge for what's essentially paper and ink!

  7. These are SO lovely. And the fact that you designed them makes them that much more special.

  8. Oh these are just wonderful! I want some for when I get married, hehe.

  9. What?!? Saved $700! How much are these places charging for bit of paper! I should go in to the business, obviously where the money is :/
    That just re-affirms why I'm not having a wedding, ever.
    Love the design - super awesome!! And the rounded edges add that extra something.

  10. Oh I love them! God job, sweetness. It is so ridiculous how the price of anything goes up exponentially as soon as you mention the word 'wedding'!!! It kind of amounts to emotional blackmail, grrr. It's exciting that your wedding is so close!


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