Tuesday, October 5, 2010

heartbreak day..............

Today, is a very sad day, friends of the Blog Universe.  For, today, is the last day they will be showing the greatest TV show alive on ABC3...Heartbreak High. 

I don't care how sad it is, it is the highlight of my day and Drazic and Anita were the best TV couple ever. EVER!

Whyyyy whyy would you take it away from me??  Oh I'm seriously depressed, maybe there is something wrong with me.....

On another note I promise to try and be a better blogger, except do I? I really don't see the point in this whole blog business sometimes.  Feel free to inspire me!!


P.S: Here is a very very bad photo of Mr Stompface and I, at our latest drunken lounge room dance party.  Mr Stompface has taken to wearing the boater hat a lot.  I'm not sure if it is strange or awesome yet.  That was the beard he grew as well, I am still undecided on whether beards give you magical musical abilities, because he had shaved it off before I had time to test my theory.

The shirt Mr Stompface is wearing was also ripped off by the end of the night, because a button fell off, so it is the totally normal thing to rip your shirt entirely when one button falls off.   Yes, I am marrying this man... Oh golly Miss Molly!


  1. NOOO say it isn't so! I will miss it terribly, WHY WOULD THEY TAKE DRAZIC AWAY FROM ME
    p.s cute photo Stompfaces!

  2. Man total love for this shot. Super cute! You should tell your man to keep his beard. Any guy who can pull off a beard must keep it. kudos to the boater too


  3. Haha you guys are adorable. The boater is a winner!

  4. You and your Mister are too cute! Oh, and drunken lounge dance parties are the best, aren't they? :)

  5. Oh, so sad. Heartbreak was a really good show!
    I know what you mean about the blogging. I haven't been posting or commenting for months & didn't even really notice it missing from my life. It is good not to feel the pressure like 'I have to post every day!'
    Hmm, I'm not sure about the boater on the would look great on you ;-)

  6. OMG I saw an ad for Sweat for 8:30 and was like ''
    Are you for REAL. I've been hanging out this whole time for the Drazic/Anita episodes. Christian Sarah/Naughty Sarah hasn't even come into it yet?
    And DENNIS. What about DENNIS?
    For shame ABC3. For SHAME.


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