Saturday, September 4, 2010

times of very many adventures and strange turns.............

I have been so busy these days, life has been as crazy as some kind of train ride where all the passengers where shoes on their hands and gloves on their feet.   I quit my job,  had to find a new one, found one yesterday... I've been crazy planning this marriage business..... it has been hectic!  Am looking forward to life calming down a bit but I have a feeling it won't.............

Another birthday card for another niece! I seriously have millions!

Tell me wonderful stories? I miss my blog peeps.....



  1. That card is so cute. I like the Lula-esque font (in my reader I first thought it said Lula). Quitting and having to find a new job on top of organising a wedding just sounds so crazy hectic. Hope it all calms down soon. Deep breaths and all that, right?

  2. Oh yes, I totes ripped off the Lula font there, but I love it so hard core!


  3. nnaawwww i miss your posts! Good luck with planning the wedding lady.

    April Rose

  4. where are you working now? you need to post more, i think we all miss you!

    As a side note, are you going to any of the perth fashion festival shows?

  5. Whattt. Abby fill me in. where are you working?>? So crazy busy, that's all I've been chanting to anyone i have come in to contact with over last month. Arghh Id pull my eyebrows out if I was a crazy cat lady. So excited for spring. Super excited to see your wedding shot hun. magical fantasy land is in my head right now :)


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