Sunday, September 5, 2010

good old fashioned outfit post................

ohh outfit post, it has been a while....oh gosh my legs are so happy to be free of stockings/leggings...the sun is shiney it is feeling spring timey! Springtimey is the best kind!  

Loving on this sheer shirt so is wonderful.  And these amazing dream catcher earrings accidentally found their way into my wardrobe yesterday, shhh don't tell Mr Stompface he does not understand the importance of catching bad dreams.  The poor guy was not even aware of the BFG until I started reading it to him at bed time, hahaha sometimes husbands to be are like your children. 

I'm going to adventure off into the sun now and drink delicious alcoholic beverages at the local bowls club in the spirit of Father's day.  Happy Father's day Dad, I hope there is an abundance of spelling mistakes in this post to keep you busy for a while!

shirt & necklace Sportsgirl, dreamcatcher earrings Dotti, cutoffs Nobody, Shoe Show boots


  1. I think I will be investigating this lipgloss very soon, thank you miss, and no I have not seen TWTWB yetyet but I think me and my housemate will hit it this week once I've done all my uni work, i've pretty excited, I read all the books when I was a kid...

    Me likes your sheer shirt and the fact that today is lovely weather enabling one to wear such outfit!

    xx Z

    P.S. When did you change your blog name?

  2. Mmmm, i could so go a Sunday session right now, beach, beevies & sunshine - so tempting but as per usual I've achieved nothing this weekend that deserves me such an occasion. I will just have to go sit in my poxy backyard for a while instead.

    Oh well I like the new name and I look forward to this store you speak of. Hope your wedding planning is going well.

    x Z

  3. i love this shirt

  4. Argh i'm currently loving sheer shirts too! Can't wait for the weather to get just a little warmer...

    x T

  5. Love your outfit missy!! Love those nobody cutoffs and sheer- fabulous :) ohh and those earrings are many mentions. Been dabbling at making some with my friend. ohhh bowls, how fun! I spent the day exploring my new local harbour :)

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  7. those legs are driving me insane (don't tell Mr Future Husband, please)

    your hair looks so beautiful in the last post, too.
    thank you for bringing joy to my boring, psychology-notes-filled Sunday afternoon.

  8. you look so pretty love the shoes!

    Vi from Cali

  9. lovely outfit!! the shirt is perfect + a big YAY for dreamcatcher earrings!!!

    Love your outfit in the disposable camera post too - your hair is adorable!!


  10. I totally and uttery HEART you in these photos you look gorgeous!!!! I want to look like that ALL SPRING AND SUMMER LONG weeeeeee!!
    Also fabulous earrings! I have a fascination with feathers and ive never known why... so much so i have them tattooed on my wrist. awww so much love here!! XX

  11. Nice to see your face again! You look beautiful.


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