Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bridal shower.....


For my bridal shower/hens night, we all decided to pitch in and build a time machine.  Now it was no easy expedition, but we did succeed!!  As it turns out, the key to time travel is cupcakes!! Yes time machines should be made entirely out of cupcakes!!

So in our new delicious edible time machine we hopped back in time and attended a 50's dance!!

It was wonderful! Martina the key time machine operator oragnised an amazing night 50's styles.

It was so nice to have such a classy event!! No man bit themed memorabillia anywhere! Yayyy!

I also met the lovely Jessie of The Velvet Bow,  I'm not sure because I can't remember much but I think I may have frightened her with my drunken rattiness and country dance moves... Oh dearyyyyy.

The lovely lady in the rest of the photos is Hanhan, she has a blog here click click click.

The whole night everybody kept telling us we looked like Blair & Serena!! And by everybody I mean one person, but it pretty much made our nights as you could imagine!




  1. awww! looks like loads of fun! what a great idea for your hens :)
    those cuppycakes are making me hungry ~ how delicious does that icing look?!


  2. When your referenced to gossip girl.. you know you are succeeding.. HOORAH!

  3. haha i think ive scared Jessie a few times now.. . Im always drunk and loud. Not long till the wedding, weeeeee!

  4. Your bridal shower/hens looked like the most fabulously fun night and you looked gorgeous! as do those yummy looking cup cakes.

    Such an exciting time for you lady. You can see it now how magical your wedding is going to be. Congratulations!

    x x x x Liv

  5. lovely. i should like to eat marshmallows out of such a festive floral cup. and jessie is super sweet too...x

    ps am fairly certain drunken rattiness is mandatory on your hens night, non?

  6. thank you for your sweet comment :) your blog is lovely, following you now also :) xx

  7. thanks Abby ! and I hope you had a lovely bachelorette party xx

  8. I LOVE the polka dots and red lips<33
    I am your newest follower=]


  9. lusting the polka dot dress!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun :)

    You should check out our amazing Sebastian hair product giveaway!

  10. Awww looks like you had an amazing time! You looked great!

  11. what a great bridal party, love the cupcakes ^^

  12. That is SUCH an amazing idea for a hens night! Love your gorgeous dress and all of the yummy looking foods, if this is how awesome your hens night is, I can't wait to see how amazing your wedding will be :D

  13. amazingness!!! your are fab my dear. i wish you all of the happiness in your cupcake land. time machine theme genius x


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