Monday, October 18, 2010

picnic basket............

I love on this picnic bag styles clutch bag so freakin hard.  It was a gift from a lovely lady.  The only sad thing is it broke straight away, but she will return it and soon it will be back in my life again and I can go on miniature picnics..oh it is so pretty even the lining is all florally and wonderful.... This photo is from getting ready for my hens night, 50's stylessssssssss.... More photos to come soon...It was wild.


  1. oh that sounds/ looks like such a magical picnic basket clutch. the floralness inside really takes the cake. happy times friend!
    peace & love.

  2. Gorgeous Abby lady... Red lips are made for you!!

  3. Oh, you look beautiful! I adore the 50's style; and the picnic basket clutch is so dear. xxxx

  4. I have a bag similar to that!! Super cute... sorry yours broke. :( Hope you can get it fixed.

    xx Love & Aloha
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  5. what a wonderful theme for a hens night! You're looking gorgeous. Ruby red lips, polka dots and picnic basket bags = perfect!


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