Sunday, April 25, 2010

stomp stomp rant rant...............

it is a very very sunshiney day and those are the best kind.. have just been on a very unsuccessful wedding dress hunt, being that everything was closed and the shop that was supposed to be open had a sign that said "Back in 15 minutes" but we waited for like 45 and no one appeared. Naughty naughty shop people.

still loving on these wedges like some kind of person that loves on wedges a lot, however one of the shoe lace hooks fell off on the second wearing...not cool..and in typical stompy style I will NEVER get around to fixing them. boo urns I say boooo urns.

going to paint paint paint the house today, goodbye wall of glorious beauty!

the end

dress Tokito, wedges Sportsgirl, necklace Sportsgirl


  1. Pretty dress babe. :) Did you find a dress? Hope the painting went well :)

    Hooray for long weekends, though sad for the reason behind this one. But still hooray!

  2. bah! That message so doesn't make sense, such a twat! "Did you find a dress", obviously not by the unsuccessfulness of the trip.

    Well wishing you more luck for next time round x

  3. heehehh you gorgeou gorgeous cutie.
    your hair looks so stunning and the colour of the dress and boots suit you so well!
    :O wedding dress hunt! how exciting! and hope housepainting was fun fun fun xx

  4. This dress is beautiful!

    Love the wedges too

    Such a stylish look :)

    Char x

  5. Cute dress, I'm loving your hair at the moment!


  6. ahhh so so gorgeous miss stompface!!! I just came on your blog after a lovely long weekend + I got THREE outfit posts!! So excited! Lucky readers we are! :)
    You are looking all kinds of beautiful!!!


  7. Such a sweet outfit. Loving the shoes. Hope you have a more successful wedding dress hunt soon!

  8. ah i saw these boots in SG not im my size bad for me good for my bank balance. love your dress to and im sure you will find the most beautiful wedding dress to!

  9. lovingg this dress!! and i love wedges too, alot. lovelyyy! xx

  10. Wedding dress shopping sounds incredibly exciting!

    Love the pendant too.

    - Jess

  11. Beautiful! I love the dress and your key necklace. Can't wait to see what wedding dress you finally choose. :)

  12. Thanks for your recent message on my blog. Feel free to email me at and we can discuss details regarding an order. :)

  13. what a cute little nude dress!<3

  14. hello flower! just found your blog ..and i like it. became a follower =)
    lovely dress!

    peace & love

  15. you look so cute in the second photo

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Cute dress and LOVE the boots! You're gorgeous.

    Loving your blog, following now too :) xo

  18. oh my, there's almost too much face stomping to be had with those beauties, you wedge lover you

    i dunno, an artistically missing lace hook sounds pretty rad to me :D

    how are you, mija? I miss all my lovely blogger amigas :D

  19. those shoes are amazing aren't they :)
    i have them too and am finding it impossible to get sick of them too
    georgeous blog

  20. your teeth is so nice and your shoes x

  21. Beautiful dress! That's not good to hear that they broke already! I was going to buy those wedges from Sportsgirl but chose the dark suede closed toe wedges instead. (as featured on .sabo skirt.)


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