Saturday, April 24, 2010

the adventures of cupcake cupcake and the moustache man............

Celebrated birthday times for cupcake cupcake last night, at her apartment being french about it.  It was wonderous.

We were in the bathroom getting drinkys as the shower had been turned into a makeshift esky and was filled with ice.  And we said "Hey Mr Stompface! Take a picture of us!" And he suggested we climb into the shower for the picture, and we were like of course that makes perfect sence! Where else would one take a photo if not a shower filled with ice!  So in we climbed!  Then Mr Stompface shut the shower door and turned off the light and said "Welcome to the Closet Of Death!! The ice series!"  Ohhh it was creepy but hilarious!

The end.


  1. hahahah your man is hilarious. Thats so something Paul would do to me. Love your friends gorgeous hat! You look wonderful as always babe. Navy really suits you~

  2. Love your stripy jumper! and your georgous friends floral leggings! Do you have any idea where she got those from?


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