Monday, April 19, 2010

I want to go to shoe...................

These shoesies from Sportsgirl make me want to weep with happiness.... and sometimes I do, I cry at their beauty, and amazingly strange comfortableness. They are possibly the most comfortable heels I have ever worn, and actually they are super high, much more high than you would think from the picture, they also make you stomp really loudly when you walk, which is fitting, because I am a stomp thing.

Cardigan is from Jeanswest, it is a magical thing that stayed on with me all weekend, as well as my hat, so comfy and like super warm, and it was half price, things that are half are the best kind, like the half blood prince, although I haven't read Harry Potter in a while, so was the half blood prince the best? Or was he evil, wasn't he ol' snapey snape?

shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe

the end


  1. Oh my god, I was *this* close to buying this very same pair of shoes. I refrained, thank the lord. The last thing I need is another pair of shoes.

    I do love these on you though......

    And comfy, lovely much do we love them (rhetorical q: don't answer ;)

    p.s. check out the blog, I'm giving away thingies!!

  2. Love the shoes, they go so well with your outfit. xoxo

  3. Jeanswest do the best cardigans. I live in them. Those shoes are super sweet. Perfect for lil socklings.

    Snape turned out not to be so evil after all, he loved lily. Total Harry geek.

    USHWOSO- VerIfication word. Makes me think of swords swooshing or maybe some japanese food. yum!

    Where and when is the wedding babe?

  4. Love the shoes! The shape reminds me of the miu miu's everyone's loving these days.

  5. i love your longe, blonde hair <3

  6. love 'em! super cute outfit too :) love love love your hair :) :)


  7. those shoes are too adorable! :)

  8. Such a cute autumn outfit, the cardie looks very cosy and the shoes are just gorgeous! I actually was looking at a pair just like these but decided against it as I'm a big baby when it comes to heels, I walk in them fine but not for more than 10 mins :P

  9. very very cute shoes!



  10. ooooh me like, its like finding gold when you find high comfy shoes you can actually walk in. loving the shoes and sock combo the best x

  11. wow your shoes are really cute I love how you paired them with cute socks


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